A student-athlete shall be denied the first year of intercollegiate athletics competition if, following completion of high-school eligibility in the student-athlete's sport and prior to the student-athlete's high-school graduation, the student-athlete competes in more than two all-star football contests or two all-star basketball contests. (See Bylaw for definition of high-school all-star contest.)

The NCAA South Dakota Schools that this would involve would be SDSU, USD, USF, Augie, Northern State

Players going to an NAIA school's do not have a limit to how many games they play. High-School All-Star Contest Defined
A high-school all-star contest is any contest in the sport of football or basketball that meets the following criteria:
(a) The teams participating in the contest involve individuals who have completed their high-school eligibility in the sport and have not yet enrolled in and attended classes during a regular term at a collegiate institution;
(b) The contest is scheduled and publicized in advance;
(c) The competition is sponsored and promoted by an individual, organization or agency; and
(d) The individuals are selected for participation in the contest on an invitational basis and have not competed together previously as members of a team that played a regular schedule of games in an organized recreation or interscholastic program. Contests Not Considered High-School All-Star Competition
Contests conducted under the criteria listed in Bylaw shall not be considered all-star competition for purposes of Bylaw 14.6 if one or more of the following conditions is applicable:
(a) The contest occurs within a framework of a regularly scheduled recreational program involving solely participants from the community in which the sponsor is located;
(b) The competition is limited solely to participants from the community in which the sponsor is located and no revenue, including gate receipts, concessions, program sales or contributions, is generated from the contest;
(c) The competition is scheduled within the framework of an established cultural exchange program involving other educational activities; or
(d) The contest is scheduled in conjunction with developmental competition sponsored by the national governing body of amateur basketball (USA Basketball) or an active member thereof.